Autodesk & Frame: Industry’s First Cloud Certifications

We started Frame three years ago with a simple goal: to make the best software tools available to anyone. Being cloud-first and going after a notoriously conservative professional graphics market at the same time raised more than a few eyebrows in 2012.

At the time, insiders saw the cloud as a mere playground for consumer startups; few believed that we would see the day when major industry stakeholders, like software vendors and businesses, would endorse it.

Frame is opening paths to public cloud adoption

Fast forward to this week to see how times have changed. We’re excited to share big news from Autodesk University 2015 in Las Vegas: Autodesk has certified AutoCAD and Revit, its two most popular titles, for Frame.

This acknowledgement of Frame and the public cloud is historic: it is the first certification of a cloud platform by a major ISV. When you think about it, this represents a mind-boggling transformation: after two decades of having PC as their only option, tens of millions of Autodesk users now have an amazing new virtualization platform they can fully trust. The barrier to running any software on any device just dropped hundred-fold.

How we got here and what’s coming next

Everyone on our team (at 35 and counting) worked incredibly hard to build Frame into a robust, scalable, professional-grade platform. Autodesk certification comes as a testimony to what we have accomplished. Two million hours of cloud service that we have already delivered to users around the world instill a lot of confidence — it’s why other leading ISVs, like Adobe, SOLIDWORKS, and Siemens have all picked Frame to power their cloud offerings.

As 2015 draws to a close, the future of the cloud is more exciting than ever. Amazon continues to grow AWS into an infrastructure giant, and Microsoft, Google, and IBM have all shown their commitment to the cloud and will continue to invest billions of dollars in it.

Frame is uniquely positioned to connect the vibrant ecosystem and a diverse community of designers and engineers to the cloud. Our mission is to ensure that there’s an affordable, easy-to-use option to access the great computing platform of this generation.

Why certifications matter

Creative process is already hard enough. Coming up with something completely new requires incredible focus, so it’s critical to eliminate distractions and potential risks. Knowing that you can rely on our platform and tools will give you a peace of mind.

To certify AutoCAD and Revit on Frame, we went through the rigorous Autodesk Virtual Certification process to meet strict requirements for quality, performance, capacity, and support:

  • Graphics quality: Certification for professional graphics ensures that applications will be 100% compatible in the cloud and that Frame’s rendering quality matches that of Autodesk’s reference rasterizer.
  • Performance: Virtual experience should not be a compromise. Autodesk’s test suite consists of real world application system benchmarks that test a variety of model sizes and types. The tests were designed to ensure there’s no degradation for hosted applications.
  • Capacity: Frame demonstrated that we can deliver the same exceptional performance and graphics quality on demand and on massive scale.
  • Support: Our team has been successfully supporting production customers with guaranteed 99.9% uptime; we can provide custom tailored SLA to meet the needs of any customer.

For those interested in more technical details of Autodesk certification process, we’ll follow up with lot more details in a separate blog post shortly.

How to use Autodesk software on Frame

Frame for Business is our secure cloud solution that gives you a full administrative control over your virtualized IT environment. It lets you configure your apps any way you want and deliver them to entire organization, securely and easily. Traditional VDI involves months planning and budgeting; our pay-as-you-go model offers maximum flexibility and instant project start times. There’s no need for a crystal ball to project computing needs either — Frame lets you switch your resource any time, so each user can modify his system on the fly.

Try it now

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