CAD in the Cloud at Develop3D Live

Mark my words: someday we’ll look back at today’s Develop3D Live 2015 conference and consider it a key inflection point in cloud adoption for CAD.

Start with all the major CAD software players, add the debut of a new cloud based tool, OnShape, insert the unveiling of Frame for end-users and mix in a wide variety of professional designers… voila, you have the perfect combination for real conversations about the future: CAD in the Cloud.

Everyone was talking about it. In the Frame booth we were flooded with questions and comments like:

“CAD in a browser? Finally! My Mac users have a simple option — it’s a nightmare dealing with Boot Camp or Parallels.”

“I’m so tired of lugging around my workstation-class mega-laptop on customer site visits — this will be great.”

“You mean I can try it now?”

And of course the answer to the last question was, “yes, try it right here, right now.” And time after time, pro designers ran Solid Edge or SolidWorks in Chrome on our MacBooks or Chromebooks in our booth. Each time we got the same response: “Wow, I can’t tell the difference between this and my workstation.” That’s how far the CAD in the Cloud has gone.

So for us, it was the perfect venue to unveil our new name, Frame, and to launch the beta of our end-user offering. Now you don’t have to be a software vendor or school to try Frame — businesses and individuals can now get started running their favorite CAD apps in the cloud (signup at

The action in our booth never let up until the end of the show, when attentions were shifted to the grand finale — a panel discussion on the future of CAD with the leading thinkers in the CAD industry.

Our CEO, Nikola Bozinovic joined Gian Paolo Bassi of SolidWorks, Jon Hirschtick of Onshape, Kevin Schneider of Autodesk and Mike Payne of Kenesto for a discussion that clearly concluded that CAD in the cloud is here today, it is more real than ever.

Welcome to the future of the CAD, the industry that’s responsible for our cars, gadgets and nearly everything else we can touch.

Cheers from the UK!

Chief Product Officer