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Navigating an enterprise UX project

Written by Margaret Kelsey, Content and Community Manager at InVision From Fortune 500 corporations to government departments, enterprise organizations aren’t typically thought of as creative environments. But the peculiarities of an enterprise organization can be fodder for creative triumph — if we have the patience. We had Erik von

Enterprise Software Design: A Call to Arms

Today, many products we use in our daily lives are nothing short of miraculous. There’s an increasingly impressive array of well-crafted mobile apps that do a myriad of things. Many modern appliances are easier to operate than ever; even our thermostats have become smart

The Business Case for Enterprise Product Design

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty chilling with my homies at IBM’s Austin studio. Photo credit: IBM In 2010, I was a software engineer at IBM Research. But, to my leadership’s chagrin, I self-identified as a designer. One afternoon, I hitched a ride home with a vice

The War of Independence for Enterprise Architecture

What is Enterprise Architecture in a high velocity software business? If Mark Andreessen is right, and I think that he is, that “Software is eating the world” then it is worth remembering that every business is a software business. John Deere tractors are now

A better way to inject environmental variables in Angular

Problem If you are developing something which is slightly more complicated than ‘hello world’ you should have multiple environments like: develop, staging, production. Depending on the environment you would use different resources (database, api, etc). These resources would be then injected via environmental variables. It’s a fairly

Setting up SequenceServer

A heavily modified SequenceServer that is running from the Lotus japonicus genomics and proteomics resource website, manuscript in preparation (Mun et al., 2015) I was recently tasked with setting up SequenceServer on a work server in a production environment—the legacy NCBI wwwblast is extremely dated, and highly non-customizable.

Debugging Phoenix with IEx.pry

Writing a Blog Engine in Phoenix and Elixir, Part 1 Writing a Blog Engine in Phoenix and Elixir, Part 2: Authorization Current Versions As of the time of writing this, the current versions of our applications are: Elixir: v1.1.1 Phoenix: v1.1.0 Ecto: v1.1.0 Comeonin: