Powering SOLIDWORKS from the cloud

This morning, SOLIDWORKS unveiled their brand new SOLIDWORKS 2016 at their launch event in Boston. It comes with many new improvements on usability, rendering, and simulation.

But the coolest thing I saw was Gian Paolo Bassi, SOLIDWORKS CEO, running his opening demo on a $249 Chromebook, directly in a browser, with no plugins required.

It turns out, this was his favorite part too:

Unlike many canned demos at a big launch event, SOLIDWORKS from the cloud was running live. It’s powered by Frame, the easiest way to deliver any software, on any device. Our best-in-class app streaming and HTML5 technology provided a great, no lag experience, despite the demo running from more than 1,000 miles away.

Of course, Frame is a lot more than just a streaming protocol. It comes with brokering and orchestration capabilities allowing thousands of simultaneous connections, from any imaginable device. It is available from 9 data centers across 5 continents, from California to Australia, and from Ireland to Brazil. Powerful APIs enable seamless integration with web apps, and creation of custom workflows. It’s what SOLIDWORKS developers used to authenticate users through mysolidworks.com, their online portal, and initiate and run sessions with the right storage attached.

It’s this flexibility and power of Frame that made it the platform of choice for the world’s most popular 3D CAD software. Using Frame, SOLIDWORKS can now deliver experiences that go far beyond what was possible with legacy VDI technologies.

If you’re a software vendor or a service provider looking to create your own workflows in the cloud, sign up and get started today at https://fra.me/product-platform. See you on Frame soon!

Frame Founder & CEO